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Shamayne Dec 28, 2013 @ 1:17pm
Level 24: Safety Achievement
I have tried different approaches for this, but I can't seem to figure out a working strategy to get this achievement. I tried defending with upgraded seedlings and 3 defense trees on my startworld (too slow). Aggrressively taking other Asteroids, which causes trees to be very vulnerable as you can't defend the trees with just seedlings.

What kind of strategy did some of you use, that managed to get this achievement?

Or do I have to try and try, until I get a random level that is slightly easier than the ones generated until now? I have the strong feeling it depends alot, how the placement for the AI is rolled and how lucky you get who the AI attacks, as it is not predictable at all.
The same build up results in totally different behaviours in multiple games.
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subzon Aug 24, 2014 @ 7:52am 
So I just completed this achievement after finding no help here (nor even response to this post). Here was my strategy.

1. Since my starter asteroid started with 1 O tree and 1 D tree, I planted 2 more O trees and then sent 1 scout to each nearly asteroid.

2. Waited for a flower to bloom and then tied it to a D tree. (If one didn't bloom within 1 minute, I reset the level and started again.)

3. Sent my first mine to whichever enemy asteroid had the most enemies. If the mine was destroyed, a new one grew immediately. Once I got an empty enemy asteroid, I swarmed it and planted 1 O and 1 D tree.

*. I was careful only to control 2 asteroids this way. Once I controlled two, I destroyed any nearby asteroid with 1 tree, but quickly pulled my seedlings away once they killed the tree but before I gained control of it. This resulted in 2 grey trees with no trees on them.

4. Set up protection for my two asteroids. Slowly grew total of 3 O and 1 D on second asteroid (same as first). Once I got a second flower, I tied it to the D tree on the second asteroid.

*. I felt it was important to have two mines active as fast as possible. I kept the slower mine around my two asteroids and then began scouting nearby asteroids with the quicker mine. If it died, it respawned anyway.

5. After scouting a few I found 3 enemy (non-gray) asteroids, each with 4 O trees. They were racing to mass-produce 200. I just threw the mine at the nearest. Whenever it had 0 enemies, I launched all the seedlings. When the enemy sent reinforcements, I pulled all my seedlings away and let the mine do its job. Over and over till I got control of that asteroid.

6. Once I had 2 mines, my first two asteroids, and the super-producing 4-O asteroid, I just repeated the process. Scout local asteroids to see what was up; find closest with 4 O trees, send in the mine to wipe it.

*. I always kept one mine on my original 2 asteroids and had to send all my seedlings at least 4-5 times back to defend as they would get attacked by a third team. I never had grays attack in any numbers, probably because I destroyed those asteroids early on. This made it slow to capture the enemy 4-O asteroids, but over time it paid off.

Hope this helps. I think the most important thing was the quick flower spawn at the beginning.
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