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Ace♡ Dec 25, 2013 @ 12:57am
So, let's get this straight right from the start, I DO love eufloria. It's a refreshing feel of this genre of game (drag n drop rts) and probably the only one I can genuinely enjoy. However, there's something that's bugged me since the release of Eufloria.

What happened to the randomly generated asteroid field sandbox mode? I'm pretty sure this was a staple of most Dyson builds (what got me interested in this game) up until release got closer, and then suddenly it disappeared and was replaced with the level structure.

Obviously the level is there to create a structured feel to the game, but what is sorely missing is some sort of random map function. I just want to be thrown into a random place against several different enemies as we all vye for supremacy. This was what Dyson was like, so where did that mode go? It was possible then, did the coding itself change to not be able to support that anymore?

It's only my personal opinion and I won't say that any others aren't valid, but I enjoyed Dyson more despite it being a showcase game and not the full vision you all had. I'd like to see the current mechanics, which are good, in a mode like this.