Doorzoek en beoordeel door spelers gemaakte gidsen voor dit spel. Of maak er zelf een en deel je tips met de community.
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[RUS] Руководство по достижениям Serious Sam 3: BFE
door Pixel Buster
Достижение "Reindeer Hunter"
door Owl :3
Serious Sam 3: BFE - All Secrets
door Methos
A video compilation to show where you can find all secrets....
[Semi-Satirical] Serious Sam 3 - Tips For Survival: A Guide Written by a Somewhat-Experienced Player, For Inexperienced Players
door LukeDude759
This guide is meant to give new and/or inexperienced players some useful tips for surviving in the world of Serious Sam 3. I'll admit, I'm not the most experienced Serious Sam player out there, but if I know a tip or two about the game that you don't, you...
Revamped Secrets Guide for SS3:BFE
door ❄Festive❄ Atlas Sarnosian
DISCLAIMER!: Though there is and has been another SS3 secrets guide for quite some time now. I feel as if this one here is too disorganized and cluttered. 7 months ago, I asked the...
Достижение ''Сепаратор''
door Грязный Фермер
Инструкция к достижению Сепаратор....
How to go into third-person mode
door Nitkovonema -TCG-
This guide will detaily explain how to shift from first-person to third-person mode. And of course, from third-person to first-person....
[EN / FR] Master Egyptologist Achievement Guide / Guide pour le Succès Grand Égyptologue
door Dracian
This guide will reveal you where to find all the tablets required to unlock the Master Egyptologist achievement. Ce guide va vous révéler tous les emplacements des tablettes afin de débloquer le succès Grand Egyptologue....
How to beat the final boss in Serious Sam 3
Guide showing you how to kill the final boss in Serious Sam 3...
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