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AlenL  [developer] Nov 26, 2012 @ 8:46am
Serious Sam 3 - Update 173348/173456 - public beta
Update: A small hotfix released as build 173456 with the following fixes:
- Fixed a rare case of game not setting up the display correctly if there was no display explicitly set as primary. First one is now assumed primary if none is set (this usually happens in single-monitor configs).
- Added more detailed logging of KDE info.

Update 173348 for Serious Sam 3 is now available in beta "publicbeta", which does not require a password.

To install the beta, do this:
- locate the game (Serious Sam 3 in this case) in the Steam's "Library" panel
- right click and invoke "Properties"
- select the "Betas" tab
- choose "publicbeta"

It contains mostly fixes specific to the Linux and OSX versions, but the way fullscreen is handled on multimonitor configurations is changed, and this applies to Windows as well.

- CPU power saving settings are now logged on linux. 
- Total and free ram are now detected on linux. 
- Game will now ask the player to install the xinerama library on Linux if it's missing. 
- Fullscreen can now stretch over multiple monitors in linux. 
- Game window is now minimized on alt-tab when mouse is grabbed in linux. This enables alt-tab to work even with some window managers that refuse to switch apps with mouse pointer grabs. 
- Non-primary monitors now turn back on after exiting from fullscreen with a different resolution. 
- All platforms (instead of just Windows) now reports desktop resolution at gfx startup. 
- Game now fullscreens properly on xfwm4 (xfce's window manager).
- Fixed loss of focus in Steam Big Picture on xfwm4. 
- Resolution is no longer changed on Linux when switching to and from fullscreen if set resolution is equal to desktop resolution.
- Game window is no longer minimized on focus change (e.g. on alt-tab) if there are no resolution changes. 
- Mouse pointer grab now confines the mouse to the game window to fix mouse movement issues on computers with multiple X screens because we cannot receive input events from a mouse on a different X screen. 
- Monitors are now enumerated on Linux.
- Monitor size is no longer assumed to be equal to virtual screen size. 
- Some small imprecisions in some shaders under OpenGL causing some objects to have thin silhouettes.
- Some small optimizations in shaders.
- Added handy cfunc 'prjSaveCVars()' which saves state of console variables to project's .ini file. 
- Added cvar 'prf_tmGraphInterval' which control how often FPS graph is updated. (So cvar 'prf_tmRefreshInterval' no longer affects graph output and can be left alone to control FPS counter and profiler output refresh period.) 
- Application restart didn't work correctly on OSX.
- Synchronizaion of Steam Workshop files on Linux/OSX was looping endlessly (always thought there is more to download). 
- Fixed error message dialogs on Linux sometimes not showing up correctly.
- Fixed some problems with script that automatically installs dependencies under Linux.
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hero1900 Nov 27, 2012 @ 6:04am 
mmmmmmm i didn't notice any increment in performance at all. maybe its like that in my machine i dont know how it should be working i have nvidia 8400gs card t9300 with 6m l2 cache processor and 4gb ram. so should it be better???. i get 12-15 fps on lowest settings
DEN [CT]  [developer] Nov 28, 2012 @ 7:49am 
8400gs is in the bunch of slowest 3D cards supported by Sam3. :(
Still, you should get (a bit) better FPS. Can you, maybe, check FPS on windows machine, just for comparison?
AlenL  [developer] Nov 28, 2012 @ 9:29pm 
hero, please post the log.
Sparks Nov 29, 2012 @ 8:13pm 
Made it all the way to the rocket launcher part in single player. Works great so far on max graphics at a constant 60 fps. I only have 1 minor issue: My gun firing sounds don't work. I have all the other sounds, enemy grunts, enemies shooting, reloading, random quotes by Sam... but not firing. Any idea?

Arch linux x64
AMD Phenom II X4 965
Nvidia GTX 670 2048 MB
Awesome WM
Dual monitors with dual X screens.
Sparks Nov 29, 2012 @ 8:21pm 
Never mind! I got it figured out on a hunch. My pulse was set to output as surround sound when I only had the front speakers hooked up. Cheers!
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