Serious Sam 3: BFE
Tailsmon Mar 6, 2013 @ 11:54am
"All Man (with a .22), No Cover (Vs 200 Tanks).
I want to see the Video of ANYBODY claiming to win this game (with out cheats) that did not die at least 50 times!

"All Man, No Cover" would be fine by me if my bullets had some effect on the enemy, and I could carry enugh bullets to get me through. So me and my buddy are co-op playing this game and about half way through we notice it is just STUPID with difficulty on normal. The really upped the toughnes (and Number of) Kleer to the point that I fear the Klear more than I fear the 200 foot tall Minotaurs!! and I find the Kleer kill me more and are harder to kill than the Minotaurs!!! STUPID.... The Respawn puts me right back in the middle of all the enemies that killed me to begin with so I Instatly die as soon as I Respawn. And after I have died enough times it takes away all my ammo!!!!!!!! *SCREAM*... So How am I supposed to win if there More Enemies than Bullets I can carry in my pack? Now add the fact that my bullets are plastic rounds that seem to do little to no damage and I say WTF? STUPID.

And I know the End Boss is suposed to be hard, but 200 Big Bosses at the same time from all directions WHILE trying to kill the main boss?? STUPID.. So It is "All Man, (with a .22 and 1 box of ammo) No Cover (against 200 Tanks with unlimted ammo). GO!! WIN!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
STUPID!.. Yes I played the other SS games and liked them, Hard, but not nearly as Imposable as SS 3 BFE....
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serious sam 3 bfe is the easiest ss for me, i don't what are you talking about.
Tailsmon Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:45pm 
@Muleke I am talking about playing it with out unlimited ammo or any cheats. I actually managed to beat the other SS with minimal deaths... Not a chance of that on 3 with out Unlimted Ammo or Cheats.... I find it a little out of balance. WITH Unlimted Ammo it is a walk through the park while it is raining blood... With OUT unlmited Ammo it is like using a .22 Pistol to fight against waves of Tanks. (Sam's .22 pistol is the only gun that doesn't run out of ammo). If not for the pistol's unlmited Ammo you would have to hammer swing most of it.. (good luck).
kwahoo Mar 7, 2013 @ 2:10am 
What cheats?
There are unlimited rocket and C4 crates. Check let's plays.
wtf i never had to cheat in this game to beat it, and wtf is tanks in this game?the game is not unbalanced at all, i mean, at least for singleplayer, cuz the multiplayer is unbalanced.
Tailsmon Mar 8, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
When I said I want to see the Video of some one beating the game with less than 50 Deaths, I mean with less than 50 deaths for the ENTIRE GAME... Not just the last level....

So let me clerify. I Know Sam's Pistol is a .45 that susposedly shoots AP Rounds, though it seems more like Clay rounds, and it is not a .22, and I realize there are no "Tanks" in the game... I was comparing the game to a situation where you would do just as much damage to the enemy and have just as much of a chance of success.... And are you saying the Single Player game is not the same as the co-op game? (or is the Enemy Multiplier in the Co-Op game Tripling the number of enemys and increasing the Strength and Armor of the ememy for every player added?) ... I guess I better beat it on Single player and see... (So far I have only played Co-Op, as the first post in this thread states..)

The Pistol does as much damage to the average enemy as a .22 does to an elephent, yes it will kill the elephent, eventually... and against the stronger enemys it is about useless... I Know that at some specific points in the game there are boxes of unlimited Rockets and C4... But for the rest of the game Sam can not carry enugh ammo on his person to kill all the enemies that come in most of the waves that come through out the game..

The Kleer are WAY Over Powered, they do to much damage, take to much damage to kill, their Bolos pass through rockets and cannon balls and other fire like they don't exist, come in to large of numbers and move to fast... Take away any 2 of those elements and the Kleer would not be that bad... But being that the Kleer come in such large numbers and have all the other stats, they are over powered unless you have unlimited ammo with a chain gun or cannon..

All in all this game is a relaxing snooze fest with infinate ammo, but with out infinate ammo it is damn near impossable to win with out a stupid amount of player deaths. Sam just can not carry enough ammo in his pack to carry him through with the proper weapons.. and there is hardly enugh ammo lying around (other than in special places that have Rocket or C4 Crates).... So I find myself reduced to using the pistol or hammer or a weopon that is to slow at shooting and reloading to fight the waves of mobs...

@Muleke so you are saying you never used Dev Cheats or Infinate Ammo? If so than Kudos to you!! AND you can beat the game with out dieing or loading a save game??? If that is so than you must be the 0.5% on the global stats..... (of coarse that Stat is only for Beating the last level with out dieing or loading, not the entire game.... but still.... A game should be beatable with out having to die, unless the Death progresses the story line....
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kwahoo Mar 8, 2013 @ 6:32pm 
Originally posted by Tailsmon:
@Muleke so you are saying you never used Dev Cheats or Infinate Ammo? If so than Kudos to you!! AND you can beat the game with out dieing or loading a save game??? If that is so than you must be the 0.5% on the global stats..... (of coarse that Stat is only for Beating the last level with out dieing or loading, not the entire game.... but still.... A game should be beatable with out having to die, unless the Death progresses the story line....
Queen Hatshepsut
Complete The Guardian of Time in single player on serious difficulty without dying or loading
Serious difficulty is for SERIOUS players. Stop whining and try something really difficult, lets say Black Mesa[] or any FPS before CoD era. And then you can back to say us how kleers are easy;)
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Tailsmon Mar 8, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
@Kwahoo *ROFL*... ok.. First off, we were playing on Normal Mode not Serious...

Second off: I have been Gaming since 1980, Check my Steam Profile, I have the Half Life Collection and I have beat them all.. (I even beat them a few times with no deaths)... I have been playing 1ps games since BEFORE DOOM. (yeah, I had Spear of Destiny, Castle Wolfentstien (the Original after SoD), Heck I even played the ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL Castle Wolfenstien for the Apple IIe !! (not a 1ps) etc....)

I am not sure, off the top of my head, how many of my 200+ games are 1ps, but I would guess most of them...

Third off: Thanks for the Link to Black Mesa, I used to have the High Definition Pack for my copy of Half-Life, but lost it when I went from Box Set to Steam...

But anyway, its my oppinion that Sam needs to be able to carry more Ammo, the Kleer need to be powered back down, and there should be more Ammo available in the game.
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Solais Mar 8, 2013 @ 11:48pm 
The Kleer has the same stats like in any other SS game, save SS2 where they are weaker.

The thing is that you were playing in coop. You see, SS3 made the mistake that for every player, it increases the enemy health by 20%. I think even if you're playing alone in coop, the enemy health is increased by 20% once. With two people it's 40% and so on. This was a failed attempt to keep the game hard even when you're playing in coop with 15 other people.
Tailsmon Mar 9, 2013 @ 12:02am 
@Solais-Yosei !!! Oh.. I saw a setting (in co-op) to increase the Enemy health, and I thought sence I left it at 0% the game would honor that setting... Guess not.. Thats disapointing.... Thank you for clerifying the problem...
omg man, kill yourself. You're saying that this game is to hard when it's not, it's the easiest serious sam ever released, not saying that is not hard, it is, but, it's the easiest. The most difficult one is serious sam hd the second encounter
Re:Shiver Mar 9, 2013 @ 10:03pm 
hahaha you used cheats to beat the game? omg you suck, that's all i can say about you :|
oh and btw, in the final boss you have to find the jetpack to fly around and concentrate on the boss and not on the enemies that are on the ground...
Tailsmon Mar 9, 2013 @ 11:58pm 
Oh, we beat it (in co-op).. we had to turn on the "unlmited Ammo" option on the Custom Server Menu to do it.. and the Unlim Amo made it VERY easy with little to no player deaths.. a relaxing walk in the park... even the end boss.... My complaint is that Sam can't carry enugh ammo and (in co-op) there is not enugh ammo to get through the game (not the end boss but the entire game) with out unlimted ammo..
Solais Mar 10, 2013 @ 1:17am 
Yeah, SS3 in general has a problem of not enough ammo. It's just enough to get through the game in Singleplayer, but even in that, you never feel so safe with full ammo as in the other games. I may try adding more ammo in my Extended mod, but as you said, with more ammo, the game is too easy. It would be a balance problem.
FiB. Muleke_Trairao Mar 10, 2013 @ 11:48am 
i died countless times to beat this game, but i didn't cheat cuz i knew it was a challenge and not something impossible. Unlim ammo?♥♥♥♥ that!i never had to use this cheat even on co-op.
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