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TMAC Blade 2013年1月18日 18時11分
crash when go to spectator mode
the spectator cameras that are set up with in each level dont seem to have a problem but when i go to player view, the game crashes. no this is not the moddable version either
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AlenL  [開発者] 2013年1月19日 1時14分 
Can you please explain in more details?
TMAC Blade 2013年1月19日 2時57分 
AlenL の投稿を引用:
Can you please explain in more details?
ok a was playing survival mode and i had died. i was thinking of spectating one of the guys through there view and see what they were doing. as soon as i hit the space bar to do so, the games frame rate drop to about 1 and then the game crashed.
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013年1月19日 11時12分 
I was playing coop and died. No more lives were available. As soon as I press LMB to became spectator the game cashed. Sam3.log Crash mdmp {リンクが削除されました}
TMAC Blade 2013年1月19日 11時34分 
AlenL の投稿を引用:
Can you please explain in more details?
and this has happened on more than one occasion
AlenL  [開発者] 2013年1月20日 6時45分 
Rasta, can you paste the Sam3.rpt file please?
IIstaticxII 2013年1月20日 10時32分 
fix this game
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013年1月20日 15時26分 
AlenL の投稿を引用:
Rasta, can you paste the Sam3.rpt file please?
As I have written here this bug was present in beta also (2nd part of thread)
gulfuroth 2013年1月21日 14時45分 
Same for me, playing on Mac. *Always* thet I press the spacebar to go into spaectator mode the game crashes.
AlenL  [開発者] 2013年1月23日 7時25分 
We have been able to detect and fix a case of crashing on spectator switching yesterday. However, one patch is already in the pipe, so expect this fix in the next one after it.
Mary Virgin 2013年1月28日 5時50分 
I experienced same last 2 days when I started playing co-op survival with friends. Single players isn't a problem. The game crashes in co-op when as spectator I follow a player outside one playing area to the next. A couple of months back when I was spectating a co-op campaign game this wasn't an issue. Is this issue then only survival specific I wonder? or can a recent update have caused this issue in some cases, I wonder?

Here's whats been driving me nuts last 2 days: In Deserted, the minute I follow player towards the desert outside the ruins as a viewer it crashes. In Medina Defender when I follow player outside the main spawning yard to side yards through arch doors, the game crashes. In both cases I set server or join friend's server my game crashes. I take it only a few people have this issue as majority people play co-op survival and this would be known issue by now. For a game that is a year old, this is a strange scenario.

I have Windows 7 64x, NVidia GT 610 PC Express 2 card with 8 GB Ram.

Attaching my Sam3.rpt report. Looks very similar to Rastapedobear's.
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AlenL  [開発者] 2013年1月29日 3時59分 
Is it better with this latest public beta?
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013年1月29日 4時38分 
Hard to say since can't find anyone to play with.
最近の変更はRasta Pedobear (your dad)が行いました; 2013年1月29日 4時38分
Mary Virgin 2013年1月29日 19時35分 
Lets check today Rasta. I will be up 10 hours after this post.
Mary Virgin 2013年1月30日 6時10分 
Rasta & I checked and tested today on Co-op Survival, DMs and Coin Coop. It seems to have fixed the problem. Thank You!
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013年1月30日 6時11分 
For Batman and me the game doesn't crash when switch to spectator any longer. We used public beta and tested all available game modes.
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