TMAC Blade 2013. jan. 18. @ du. 6:11
crash when go to spectator mode
the spectator cameras that are set up with in each level dont seem to have a problem but when i go to player view, the game crashes. no this is not the moddable version either
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AlenL  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 19. @ de. 1:14 
Can you please explain in more details?
TMAC Blade 2013. jan. 19. @ de. 2:57 
AlenL eredeti hozzászólása:
Can you please explain in more details?
ok a was playing survival mode and i had died. i was thinking of spectating one of the guys through there view and see what they were doing. as soon as i hit the space bar to do so, the games frame rate drop to about 1 and then the game crashed.
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013. jan. 19. @ de. 11:12 
I was playing coop and died. No more lives were available. As soon as I press LMB to became spectator the game cashed. Sam3.log Crash mdmp {HIVATKOZÁS TÖRÖLVE}
TMAC Blade 2013. jan. 19. @ de. 11:34 
AlenL eredeti hozzászólása:
Can you please explain in more details?
and this has happened on more than one occasion
AlenL  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 6:45 
Rasta, can you paste the Sam3.rpt file please?
IIstaticxII 2013. jan. 20. @ de. 10:32 
fix this game
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013. jan. 20. @ du. 3:26 
AlenL eredeti hozzászólása:
Rasta, can you paste the Sam3.rpt file please?
As I have written here this bug was present in beta also (2nd part of thread)
gulfuroth 2013. jan. 21. @ du. 2:45 
Same for me, playing on Mac. *Always* thet I press the spacebar to go into spaectator mode the game crashes.
AlenL  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 23. @ de. 7:25 
We have been able to detect and fix a case of crashing on spectator switching yesterday. However, one patch is already in the pipe, so expect this fix in the next one after it.
Mary Virgin 2013. jan. 28. @ de. 5:50 
I experienced same last 2 days when I started playing co-op survival with friends. Single players isn't a problem. The game crashes in co-op when as spectator I follow a player outside one playing area to the next. A couple of months back when I was spectating a co-op campaign game this wasn't an issue. Is this issue then only survival specific I wonder? or can a recent update have caused this issue in some cases, I wonder?

Here's whats been driving me nuts last 2 days: In Deserted, the minute I follow player towards the desert outside the ruins as a viewer it crashes. In Medina Defender when I follow player outside the main spawning yard to side yards through arch doors, the game crashes. In both cases I set server or join friend's server my game crashes. I take it only a few people have this issue as majority people play co-op survival and this would be known issue by now. For a game that is a year old, this is a strange scenario.

I have Windows 7 64x, NVidia GT 610 PC Express 2 card with 8 GB Ram.

Attaching my Sam3.rpt report. Looks very similar to Rastapedobear's.
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AlenL  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 29. @ de. 3:59 
Is it better with this latest public beta?
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013. jan. 29. @ de. 4:38 
Hard to say since can't find anyone to play with.
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Mary Virgin 2013. jan. 29. @ du. 7:35 
Lets check today Rasta. I will be up 10 hours after this post.
Mary Virgin 2013. jan. 30. @ de. 6:10 
Rasta & I checked and tested today on Co-op Survival, DMs and Coin Coop. It seems to have fixed the problem. Thank You!
Rasta Pedobear (your dad) 2013. jan. 30. @ de. 6:11 
For Batman and me the game doesn't crash when switch to spectator any longer. We used public beta and tested all available game modes.
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