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hgwmrnorm 2012년 12월 5일 오후 9시 37분
Where's My Other 3 From The 4 pack???
I bought the SS3 4 pack and when I went to gift/give the other 3 to friends, THEY ARE NOT THERE??? I've done this before and had no problem but now it looks like I bought 4 and got 1, did I get ripped off? I double checked and confirmed I did get and pay for the 4 pack, WHERE'S MY OTHER 3 STEAM so I can gift them!!!!
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DOOMJESUS 2012년 12월 5일 오후 11시 17분 
you've been had!
AlenL  [개발자] 2012년 12월 6일 오전 8시 51분 
They should definitely be there. Please contact Steam support, I am sure they can sort it out.
hgwmrnorm 2012년 12월 6일 오후 8시 11분 
I waited 24 hrs and just checked, they were their now and have been sent, thx. I've never seen it take this long to show but it's all cool...
hgwmrnorm 2012년 12월 6일 오후 8시 12분 I want to see if they can get them....I'll update. (if I remember)
hgwmrnorm 2012년 12월 26일 오전 9시 10분 
All good, gifts received and we did 4 person co-op. It was fun but it only took us a few days to complete..
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