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Areso 16 mar 2013, ore 13:52
[Linux] Perfomance troubles (nvidia)
I look trough several topics, almost all ppls have no problems (or only with sound) with nVidia and Intel CPU's.
I'm newbie Ubuntu user, so, I can't find myself solution for this case.
My PC ubuntu 12.04-32 bit running machine, Intel Core i3, nVidia 560 GTX. Before I installed nvidia blob, game doesn't work at all (black textures, no video, and other), with blob 310.14 works on low-quality ~30 FPS with often hiccups and even fullgame freezes (count in upper-right corner sometimes shows more than 100% of something, I don't know what exactly... But as for me it means freezes).
What I should to do to fixing this problem?
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Selthus 16 mar 2013, ore 19:41 
You'd be better off posting here to get help.
kwahoo 17 mar 2013, ore 3:08 
1. Disable CPU frequency scaling (i3 is a bottleneck, I think)
2. Install nvidia 313
3. Put in your SS3 (in Steam Client) startup parameters:
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