Serious Sam 3: BFE
Allow to change "private session" setting during game session
Hello Croteam.
It would be awesome if it was possible to change a session from private to public after it's created.

Why do I think this should be added?
The Rocket Beans (, a german 24/7 livestream, did a live coop Let's Play with their community playing Serious Sam 2. They want to continue that show on a regular basis with different games. The major problem they had was, that community members joined before the "beans" could, resulting in them needing to create a new server or kicking community members.

Now I would like to see them play Serious Sam 3 with their community, since I believe it's a far superior experience compared to the old SS2. The problem is SS3 suffers from the same issue.

There would be several ways to solve this issue:
  • Allow to change "private session" setting during game session
This way they could invite the official "beans" first, then open the game to the community to join.
There could also be alternative solutions, like adding a password feature, which could be made public to the community after all the important people are on the server. (Or maybe there is yet another way that is already possible. If so, please share it <3)

Why should you (Croteam) care?
This could show your game to thousands of viewers in the livestream and the VoD's on youtube. Free publicity. Also I am very sure the "beans" would shoutout your great support for the game if you did that.

I would understand if thats not feasible for you to implement, but I believe you are great guys and maybe you will do it.


EDIT: Apparently you can set a password with the console command net_strConnectPassword="insertpasswordhere". That would solve this issue. I have not tested that yet, but that sounds amazing.
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Yes please. Sometimes just people leave game or change their mind and it's good to open session for strangers. On the other hand sometimes you get perfect team and want to hide it from randoms.
rubregg Jan 13 @ 9:39am 
Yes, password feature for servers pleeaase.
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