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Русификация Serious Sam Classic The Second Encounter
by Majahet
Полная русификация: озвучка + текст...
Serious Sam Classic:The Second Encounter (МЕГА СЕКРЕТ)
by The Great Russian Bear
в этом руководстве я покажу где тусят разработчики...
Secrets Guide for SSC:TSE
by Atlas Sarnosian
WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! This is the complete guide of Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter secrets. This guide will help explain of what hidden objects there are through out all 12 Campaign levels. The new screenshots will help give an easie...
Запуск Serious Sam: SE на Win7/ Starting Serious Sam: SE on Win7
by Gery
Данное руководство поможет тем, у кого проблемы с игрой при старте на операционной системе Windows 7 / This guide will help those who have problems with the game at launch on Wind...
BELIAL CLAN anti zeb official guida
by MarcoFilippiniBeliaL*Ace Gamer questa guida spiega dettagliamente i cheat utilizzati da un utente che spaccia proezza...
Secret Monster Room In SS:TSE!!!
by Manhunter
ENGLISH: After You Entered The Temple In The First Level, You Will Spawn At The "Jaguar Valley". Hit F1 On The Keyboard and enter: pleaseghost. Now Turn back and fly through the wall behind you. There are some Graphic Bugs, but you will see a room with Mo...
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