Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter

Current master server's admin ban fair players for nothing - they can't see the servers for a month
Hello. This is supposed to be adressed to some admin(s) who still views this forum, doesn't matter how often but at least sometimes. But I'm going to write some info for all anothers just to inform them enough.

As everyone knows, GameSpy has shutted down almost 3 years ago, but the death didn't come to the activity of this game because an alternate master server ( / was made pretty quickly by a man with a nickname "[Rocketers] Alex" and is still being hosted by Ostap, who's also an admin of 42Amsterdam.Net servers (exists since 2011). One year later, when everyone already recognized that SS: Revolution is not going to be a thing to move to (this project is pretty dead, dedicated servers were closed in the summer of 2014, it's useful only for workshop now), SS:TSE has been patched here, on Steam (thanks to Slawww!): support of 16:9 resolutions was added, Serious Editor started to work well on x64 systems, but the main (for the multiplayer) thing was adding as default master server, and the command for changing master server has been also added. This really helped to the activity, so even now, the game which is 15 years old stays alive, we do the tournaments, playing regularly tdm & dm games, so yeah, for all last years The Second Encounter was active mostly due to deathmatch lovers (unlike The First Encounter - coop always beated dm here, and still does), and the most (and the only, I'd say) active TSE DM community is (exists since 2002).

We, from, are / were really thankful to Ostap for hosting the master server, but for all 6 years, sometimes, we used to criticise him for different things: hosting too much servers (who needed "42" servers when the peak is 20 players), using strange server options, adding strange features to his servers system (like anti-spam system, if someone was just talking in the game, pretty fast though, he could have became autobanned for some mins; showing countries of all players, not all liked this thing and prefered to stay hidden; deleting some nickname tags from the nicknames, whilst multi-colored tags were always an unique feature of this game, we used it for years), adding useless admins to his servers who used to ban fair players for "cheats", etc.

From what we've seen, this guy never liked to be criticised and almost never listened to us, what turned out to some negative talks between him and us which kept to happen more and more often (on his forums and on our GZ24 forum). So, a month ago Ostap came to the thread of the screenshots (results of DM games) of the one guy whom he disliked for criticism. He started to provoke and gone into offtopic, his way of talking naturally looked like that he was drunk at the moment (he never hided that he loves alcohol, so it was pretty clear for me). I myself hate drunk people who can't stop saying unfriendly things (I'm sure everyone was in situation like that in rl), so, as administator of GameZone24.Net, I've decided to "penalty box" (it's like a soft version of ban: "PB" users can post in the only one section and browse all other sections) him for only 24 hours, until he gets sober or smth.

After that, the first that he has done is "forever" ban on his servers and his forum for me, which was pretty expected and wasn't a thing to make a suicide afterwards, because there are another servers, also some of mine which I host myself, and his forums are really inactive, I didn't care of. But in next 24 and more hours we've noticed that he started to ban other GameZone24.Net users on his forums and servers what really has surprised me, because they didn't deserve this. And the next thing what he has done was... BAN MOST OF US IN HIS MASTER SERVER, so we (don't know how much of us btw, maybe like 20, 30 or already more players who were active for last month on servers) can't browse the server list again. That's extremily disgusting. We all are deeply shocked, almost month has passed and nothing changed.

Someone from our community has found another, alternative master servers like or, also an app qtracker which shows servers, but all of this doesn't work properly: most of servers don't show for some players, server list works really slow with that (I can't see even my own servers until I use "search LAN"), whilst worked that fast and fine just like the original gamespy until 2014. Yeah, we have to put IP & port to join servers, and that feels like using Siemens A50 after GalaxyS8, you know. =D

What is the result? Nobody likes dictatorship, and so are we. We consider absolutely unfair what is happening. A person who has been in the community for only 6 years, even if he has been helping with (hosting) the master of servers for the last 3 years, he is not the one who can forbid us from playing the game, not only to me who banned him, but to dozens of others who did nothing wrong to him (except that they are simply registered on a site that Ostap does not like). And who play the game for more than 10 years - probably longer than Ostap himself.

We do not want to apologize to him, because it would be incredibly stupid. We urgently need an alternative. And no, not SS: Revolution, because it is unstable in a network game, and people will not move there for anything. Not newest Sam games (for single / coop - hell yes, but not for dm), Quake Live, Unreal Tournament. Maybe it's possible to add Steamworks Matchmaking to the original TSE and let it stay absolutely net-compatible with the 1.07 (just like after the previous patch)? I'm not a programmer myself, so I can't imagine if this is extremely impossible or easier than anything. And unfortunately and I'm not a super rich guy, otherwise I'd surely buy all GameSpy stuff back in 2014. ;/

At first I was trying to finding the original author (coder) of this ( master server (Rocketers Alex), but he's inactive for half of a year everywhere (social network included), doesn't even answer me (e-mail), which is really creepy. So I've decided to create the thread here. I'm really sorry for my very long post and my primitive and uncorrect english at the same time. xD

Thanks for paying attention!
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Blitz vas Grunwald Jun 29, 2017 @ 12:02am 
I don't know how you could♥♥♥♥♥♥him off that he banned all of you from his master-server... but in other "dead mp" games like Serious Sam people are even not banning wallhackers to let more people play the game until the end of the game and trying to be more positive with each other.

But why at the first place master-server is not yet maintained by Croteam? This problem should be delivered right to them.

P.S. To see the censored word use Quote button
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Mr. Pierre Daque Jun 29, 2017 @ 3:36am 
yeah I approve everything what was written above.
Ostap did this things only because he was banned on forum for one day, lol.
I was one of the first players who was banned x(
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ک k y w a r d Jun 29, 2017 @ 5:52am 
Ostap has definitely brought good things to the community, yet he's still far from being totally not criticizable. Zeo and I were administrators on his servers since almost the beginning and we've noticed that the guy has progressively changed - actually went insane.

Nowdays we're facing a true problem that is paralyzing the major part of the community and we truely need a solution. 42Amsterdam would be nothing without the activity provided by the GZ24 users and i'm certain that he perfectly knows that, however i'm also certain that he doesn't care anymore.

A solution to fix the master server would be more than welcome so we don't depend of an unreliable person no more.
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unk1nD Jun 29, 2017 @ 11:17am 
i'm also confirm everything what was written above. I'm in this game since like 2007 (and in DM of this game since 2011) and i wanna stay active inDM as long as possible.
slawww  [developer] Jul 4, 2017 @ 4:56am 
You can change the master server to whatever you like.
Open "Scripts\PersistentSymbols.ini".
Search for net_strMasterServer, that string contains master server address. By default it's "", you can try any other one.. If you know any other master server. Unfortunately I can't find them right now.
Originally posted by slawww:
You can change the master server to whatever you like.
Open "Scripts\PersistentSymbols.ini".
Search for net_strMasterServer, that string contains master server address. By default it's "", you can try any other one.. If you know any other master server. Unfortunately I can't find them right now.
Thank you very much for letting me know the command I've learned since the day when your patch has been out. Do you really think it's enough? I don't, sorry. Did you even read the whole text?


To say more simply: default master server of this game MUST be changed as soon as possible. Ostap didn't even ban 30 people as I've said before, he has banned couple of providers, probably hunderds of players can't get access to the server list anymore.

There are few alternate master servers: (was compiled using same source code as,, openspy, qtracker. I can't really know which one is the best to prefer at the moment. But I'm sure: noone bans people there.

I won't stay about Steamworks anymore, but Multi DedicatedServer/SeriousSam.exe's (it was made by Rocketers Alex whom you perfectly know I'm sure), which sends hearbeats to the four master servers and allows to browse servers with four master servers (each ms has its own button on the servers list menu) could be an awesome solution. Both binaries []
and source code [] were published aswell, files got deleted by Ostap afterwards though (he doesn't want it to be published anymore, and Rocketers Alex is nowhere to be found, he's probably gone forever, at least it seems like that), but I've found it in the different place (I can link it anytime). Why could be? Because it still has as the FIRST one ms in the list. And because aspect ratio (which exists there as a menu option) wasn't done in the way as it meant to be done (like in your patch for the classic TSE): it doesn't have a new fov, so the view looks cut off from below and from above.

I know that you probably don't have time for it, but adding this thing (or making a similar) to the steam versions of TSE/TFE is a must...
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Zachpoo2 Sep 11, 2017 @ 9:35am 
I'm not banned anymore, I don't know if it's the same for anyone else, though.
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