FreeMan Mar 20, 2014 @ 5:49pm
Serious Sam Fake Library Listing
Please remove Serious Sam Secound Encounter HD from our libraries.
First of all, it doesnt have demo in title, it's pathetic attempt to make people try their game as trailers probably didn't work enough. I only discovered that it's demo after I downloaded the whole damned thing. What a lame scam.
Second- Even if it was clearly written DEMO, i still don't want it in my library among my titles. Yes, I know I can throw it into category to other unwanted games. Don't even get me started on that. Please, correct the Listing, Please fix free games/"games" randomly appearing in people's libraries. Thank you.
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DEATH Mar 21, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
i think they do this if you own any other Devolver Digital games, so it doesn't show up for everyone. Secondly, this isn't the only game to do it. Many games from time to time will automatically be added into your library for a few days during free weekends, etc. This is more of a criticism of Steam than it is of the game. You would have better luck posting this in a Steam feedback forum or some other support section.

Also i believe the reason it doesn't say demo is because it's no different from the full version. it uses the same exact exe but locks content that you haven't paid for. Many games are doing this now as it's a lot simpler for consumers to download one package and not worry about downloading other files and DLC's later on.
FreeMan Mar 21, 2014 @ 7:46pm 
thanx for reply. So much lies in gaming industry lately that stuff like this really irritates me. It worries me that this might become new trend. I am aware of temp. free games that show up for limited time. Normaly I just throw free weekend-games into my "unwanted" category but in this case I was just fooled. I checked steam store and there was no sale going on and the game was just sittin in my library. I don't have fiber so I think twice before downloading. I figured maybe there was some promotion as Serious Sam 4 should be released this year (similar to when Fear multiplayer became free before Fear 2 was released).
I fail to see how is downloading full package beneficial for anybody. Why not get 800 Mb and then download additional 3 Gb IF one decides it's worth the time and money. Thx for bringing up that feedback forum. I don't post here much and I forgot about it.
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