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Russian Patch 1.3 Crusader HD
di @ToBaPu4
Патчи вводят в игру графику высокой четкости + русифицируют игру. Заявлена поддержка разрешения монитора до 2560x1600. ...
Русификатор текста и звука
di Molodec
В данном руководстве вы узнаете как поставить официальный текст и звук от "1С"....
Crusader Trail Walkthrough (1-50)
di SergiuHellDragoon
This Guide contains every Mission (1-50) from the Crusader trails in Stronghold Crusader the HD version.This is meant to help you pass some missions that you find difficult.Please rate the guide and leave some feedback,it will help me improve it....
Warchest Trail Walkthrough (51-80)
di SergiuHellDragoon
The guide contains the video walkthrough of every mission from the Stronghold Crusader HD Warchest Trail....
Custom in-game logos
di [†PH†]Enablingurchin
hello, this is my first guide so bare with me :D, i'm going to tell you how to have a custom logo shield, step 1: open your SHC directory or go to your steam libary and right click Stronghold crusaders then goto local files: step 2: you will open th...