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Won't let me buy it, dissapears from cart
I want to get this before the sale ends, but i'm having issues with it. I click "add to cart" and it brings me to the purchase review page like it should, but when i press "purchase for myself" it just brings me back to the home page of the store. I've checked my library and nothings there, and when i go to the product page it doesn't show that i've bought it. I've tried 3 or 4 times. As far as i know i haven't been charged. I restarted steam just in case there was an update or something, but still nothings working. I was able to add it to my wishlist, but the first time i clicked "add to my wishlist" it gave me an error. Is anyone else having this problem?
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iNc 2012年11月14日 9時41分 
same issue here! :(
Oaio 2012年11月14日 9時42分 
yes im having this same problem myself. I wanted to try and get it before the sale ends but its sending me back to the front page. a solution would be great
I can't buy either!
Same for me :((((
^2guac 2012年11月14日 9時43分 
Yeah its really bugging me. I noticed if i press "continue shopping" the cart tab (up by the wishlist tab) disapears all together. I tried this with another game (doom 3) just to see, and the same thing happened :(
I think this is a steam issue and not just meat boy
Same issue here, only a few mins left for the sale U_U
iNc 2012年11月14日 9時46分 
yeah it works now, got it! maybe try again guys, good luck!
^2guac 2012年11月14日 9時49分 
Still not working here >_<
^2guac 2012年11月14日 9時52分 
Alright, it finally made it to the payment screen! Finally bought it, downloading right now ^_^
My guess is that the steam download servers were a little overloaded and couldn't process all the requests. Glad it works now :D
Fahron 2012年11月14日 9時52分 
i cant buy
^2guac 2012年11月14日 9時54分 
Just keep trying, eventually you'll get through. It took me about 15 minutes of constant trying for it to finally take.
Fahron 2012年11月14日 9時55分 
^2guac 2012年11月14日 9時58分 
Also, if you're desprate, you might want to try changing your download region or speed. I got through my usual one fine, but my guess is the servers might be less busy somewhere else. 4 minutes left in the sale. Good luck!
Fahron 2012年11月14日 10時01分 
Thank you ;)
Fahron 2012年11月14日 10時01分 
i have super meat boy
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