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moland.AAE` 2012年9月10日上午4:37
Trouble with Mountain Lion
Super meatboy seems to crash whenever I try to open a world map. If i delete the game files and redownload the behavior does not happen, however once i "exit to map" from a level, the game crashes and doesn't want to play nice.

Has anyone else run into this "bug" with mountain lion or managed to find a fix?
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ChrisVslr 2012年9月10日下午4:24 
I have this same issue and I really hope smebody can help me solve it.
wesman93 2012年9月10日下午7:28 
Yeah, this seems to be a universal issue, and since I'm running it on a new Macbook Pro, it's not for lack of processing power.
moland.AAE` 2012年9月10日下午7:58 
There are a bunch of mentions on the super meat boy forum,2181.msg29839.html#msg29839 so hopefully this gets sorted
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Sir.Romulo 2012年9月19日上午4:29 
People look this page:
I solve my problem put this configuration on launch options: -fullscreen -lowdetail
moland.AAE` 2012年9月19日下午10:15 
引用自 romulo.fagundes
People look this page:
I solve my problem put this configuration on launch options: -fullscreen -lowdetail

Thanks, when i changed the display configuration I was able to get back to the world map to play some levels. Unfortunately the problem persists and this is not the fix.

I was able to play on my mba with -fulldetail. Most of the steps listed in the blog were for macs that are actually lagging where as this is crashing when exiting to the map.

This is the crash log that i get
最后由 moland.AAE` 编辑于; 2012年9月19日下午10:16
somnolentsurfer 2012年9月30日下午6:26 
Getting the same problem on a brand new 13" MacBook Pro.
iamcardboard 2012年11月8日上午3:52 
Having this problem with a 2011 13" MacBook Air running Mountain lion (OS X Version 10.8.2). Every time I get taken to the world map, (e.g. after compleating a Warp portal, or getting up to a boss) the game vanishes and is replaced by an error report form.
After repeatedly re-opening the game and playing, and crashing out, and reopening..., the game will no longer open a world map from the main menu without me resetting my machine. I've been through this cycle several times through the past two days and am finally getting to the end of my patience with it.
Is there still no solution to this problem?
moland.AAE` 2012年11月16日上午4:36 
I should probably point out that this is nothing to do with the hardware. If you downgrade to lion, the problems will go away.
Fuzzy Bunny 2012年12月25日上午8:20 
Same issue here, inevitable crash on starting a level. Brand new MBA. No discernible lag on the load screen, Mountain Lion (no, I am not downgrading to Lion). Unacceptable.
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G0ularte 2013年1月2日下午6:22 
Same here too :(
aiiiidan 2013年1月31日下午6:07 
Same here - crashes when loading the first level. Brand new iMac 2012 27'
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