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totalchoas3 2013年9月18日 20時15分
resetting to full screen
hi not sure if someone already posted something like this so i put super meat boy in windowed mode so my friend could see with skype screen sharing so i played a couple levels so he could see what it was like and i went to put it back into full screen with a line of script that sould put in in full screen the line of script works for tf2 but when i put it in and reluanched it and tried again in full screen and it did nothing it just stayed in windowed mode please help me the script was "-refresh 60 -full" it works all the time for tf2 thanks everyone
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Kuhaa 2013年9月18日 23時37分 
It's -fullscreen for Super Meat Boy.
totalchoas3 2013年9月19日 18時39分 
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