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Cmf97351 2013年9月7日 0時32分
Chapter 6 Boss: Bug or me doing something wrong??
Whenever I go onto the End Boss, I make it up to the end where you are supposed to face off with Dr Fetus, but he never comes! Every single time I make it up there I just die because he is not following me. Im guessing this is a glitch, but does anyone know if Im doing something wrong or if I can fix this glitch in any way? Im running on the game on a Macbook Pro 2012 if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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Alexg7g7 2013年9月7日 11時23分 
Can you take a video or a screenshot of the stage?
PikaStu! 2013年9月8日 14時03分 
Okay, SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY, since we are talking about the end boss.

You may be going to the wrong spot during this chase sequence since there is an area up high that looks like the right place to go, but isn't.

You need to go to the right as far as you possibly can and eventually you'll end up in a large room with a switch on the far right (behind a little wall). In this room you must (and again SPOILERS) hit the switch on the ceiling to open the door to the switch on the right. Hit the second switch and you'll finish the sequence.
Glitex 2013年9月8日 18時38分 
just uninstall and install the game again ^^
Kuhaa 2013年9月9日 5時31分 
Glitex の投稿を引用:
just uninstall and install the game again ^^
He's playing the game on a Mac so if he uninstalls he'll lose all his progress.

You could try lowering your resolution and detail level from command line. That worked for me when I had the same kind of trouble. Go to your Steam Library, left-click Super Meat Boy and go Properties -> Set Launch Options and type in "-ultralowdetail -640x480 -windowed" (without the quotation marks) and see if it works. It will look ugly but at least you should be able to beat the boss.
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