Super Meat Boy
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I've beaten the game with both, use whatever you want.
If you're using a keyboard, though, make sure it can actually handle the # of consecutive key-presses. For example, you can't press L-Shift, Space, and Right Arrow consecutively on a Logitech G510.
There's only 4 controls, so it doesn't really matter either way.
I find it's harder with the keyboard but I have gotten used to it.
Platformers should be played with a controller
Both, i prefer keyboard, but it just pretends what you're used to play with.
It's not even a question. Controller. Anyone playing with a PS3 controller other than me? What software are you guys using?
Many persons find it more easier with the controller, but keyboard isn' impossible, the world record on 106% is made by keyboard :)
I think the controller is better for this game because by my keyboard I must do some jumps over it ..... :D
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Показані коментарі 115 із 60
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