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himmatsj 17 август 2013 в 8:17сут.
What is the level breakdown like?
I appear to be at the end of World 1 (level 20). Then after this it looks like there is a boss fight.

I read there are over 300 levels in the description, in over 5 worlds. Can anyone provide a breakdown?

To proceed, must I win boss levels too or those can be skipped?

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PixelVortex 17 август 2013 в 8:23сут. 
Here is a list of all things in every world, all of them, except the last two, follow this:

- 20 Light World Levels
- 20 Dark World Levels
- 1 Light World Character Warp Zone
- 2 Light World Warp Zones
- 1 Dark World Warp Zone
- 7 Light World Bandages
- 7 Dark World Bandages
- 6 Warp Zone Bandages (2 per warp zone)
- 1 Glitch Level
- 1 Boss

That is all the stuff in every world except the last two. You have to beat a minimum of 17 levels to unlock the boss and the boss must be beaten to proceed to the next world.
Kuhaa 17 август 2013 в 11:48сут. 
And you need to get A+ rank on a level to unlock its Dark World counterpart.
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