Super Meat Boy
ToastOfDoom Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:28pm
Are there any cheats or mods to disable the lives on the glitch level on ch1?
I'm stuck on that level in chapter one with the retro looking world (not the wrap zone, but once you play a few dark levels, you get access to the level before the first if that makes sense). Are there any cheats or mods that I could install to disable the lives system where you only have 3 lives, and if you fail you get sent to the level select page and have to watch the intro over again? This is driving me insane and is what is really causing me to get frustrated. A game like this can't incorperate a lives system, they can't expect palyers to be able to complete a level without failing in this game, that's asking for the moon. And please don't be like "it's super easy if you know how to do it!" it might be easy for you, but if it were easy for me, I would'nt be asking for help.
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Kuhaa Aug 11, 2013 @ 4:22am 
I don't know if such mods or cheats exist, but I do have an opinion on this.

The players can and should be expected to be able to beat a level without failing in this game. The normal gameplay is fast paced and dying a hunderd times on a single level doesn't matter because you also respawn fast, but warp zones and glitch worlds are there to break this pace a little and make you rethink your playing strategy. They're optional parts of the game and if you WANT to beat them you can, but you don't have to in order to proceed. That's why giving you limited lives is justifiable, at least in my opinion.

Glitch worlds have three lives and are generally more challenging than your normal warp zones because you get an achievement for beating each one of them. If you really feel you're stuck on a level, instead of looking for a way to cheat you can watch videos of people beating those levels on YouTube, or in the case of glitch levels you can also see this guide I wrote back in December:
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5char Aug 11, 2013 @ 8:52am 
^Exactly, if you can't do it come back and try it when you're better at the game.
Manta Aug 11, 2013 @ 11:48am 
There's no point for glitch worlds. All it does is add more frustration to it. With the warp zones, losing all three lives actually means something, but not in the glitch worlds, there it's just extending the time between attempts for no real reason.
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