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GrRrrr 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 6:05
Super Meat Boy on drugs?
I just bought this game, downloaded and installed. Started it and everything goes in 250% faster speed its like insane fast EVERYTHING.. Any ideas/tips?
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Scar Alouette 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 6:18 
Uhhh...Computer requisits? You mean fast, like, fast, or fast, like, OMG, OMG, OMG, FLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH.
GrRrrr 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 6:46 
Its FAST as not normal, seen loads of streams playing this game, and lets say my run speed is 5 times faster then normal (the racer things moves as fast and intro video) also the pointer in menus are flashing like a maniac (thats how fast it goes)
skiddlywibble 2013. júl. 22. @ de. 6:29 
I've heard of this glitch before, I believe it's a Vsync issue. Give me a moment to see if I can dig up an old thread with a solution.

EDIT: You need to go into your graphical drivers (Nvidia or whatever) and force on Vsync. I can't guarentee it'll work as the game is a bit temperamental about resolution and stuff, but it's worth a try.

EDIT #2: If you're still having issues then you can look at these threads and blog posts. (Team Meat blog on the issue) (general bugs and fixes)
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Viscero 2013. júl. 22. @ de. 7:17 
Hot damn! Maybe you got the Korean version :D
Hope you get it fixed, m8.
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GrRrrr 2013. júl. 22. @ de. 7:39 
I actually changed it from fullscreen to window mode, and it solved it.
Leo 2013. júl. 22. @ de. 11:20 
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