Super Meat Boy
GrRrrr 21. heinä, 2013 18.05
Super Meat Boy on drugs?
I just bought this game, downloaded and installed. Started it and everything goes in 250% faster speed its like insane fast EVERYTHING.. Any ideas/tips?
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Vecchio 21. heinä, 2013 18.18 
Uhhh...Computer requisits? You mean fast, like, fast, or fast, like, OMG, OMG, OMG, FLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH.
GrRrrr 21. heinä, 2013 18.46 
Its FAST as not normal, seen loads of streams playing this game, and lets say my run speed is 5 times faster then normal (the racer things moves as fast and intro video) also the pointer in menus are flashing like a maniac (thats how fast it goes)
I've heard of this glitch before, I believe it's a Vsync issue. Give me a moment to see if I can dig up an old thread with a solution.

EDIT: You need to go into your graphical drivers (Nvidia or whatever) and force on Vsync. I can't guarentee it'll work as the game is a bit temperamental about resolution and stuff, but it's worth a try.

EDIT #2: If you're still having issues then you can look at these threads and blog posts. (Team Meat blog on the issue) (general bugs and fixes)
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Viscero 22. heinä, 2013 7.17 
Hot damn! Maybe you got the Korean version :D
Hope you get it fixed, m8.
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GrRrrr 22. heinä, 2013 7.39 
I actually changed it from fullscreen to window mode, and it solved it.
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