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TheDeathFlamingo 2013年7月21日 12時59分
Super meat Boy. Cant play
i have a bug that is making the game unplayable. whenever i start out no matter the level it is like the shift key is being pressed down rapidly. and i cant do anything about it. ive tried caps lock, reinstalling, everything and i really dont know how to fix this. please help.
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Scar Alouette 2013年7月21日 17時39分 
I didn't understand. Did you try to press Shift again? Or check your keyboard. Something.
TheDeathFlamingo 2013年7月21日 21時37分 
ive tried it all, unplugging my keyboard and all. no idea why its doing this.
TheDeathFlamingo 2013年7月22日 23時59分 
ive even tried using a controller and i still have the same problem. he does his sprint thing or whatever very rapidly and meat flies everywhere and i cant jump or dont much of anything,
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