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TheDeathFlamingo 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 12:59
Super meat Boy. Cant play
i have a bug that is making the game unplayable. whenever i start out no matter the level it is like the shift key is being pressed down rapidly. and i cant do anything about it. ive tried caps lock, reinstalling, everything and i really dont know how to fix this. please help.
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Vecchio 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 5:39 
I didn't understand. Did you try to press Shift again? Or check your keyboard. Something.
TheDeathFlamingo 2013. júl. 21. @ du. 9:37 
ive tried it all, unplugging my keyboard and all. no idea why its doing this.
TheDeathFlamingo 2013. júl. 22. @ du. 11:59 
ive even tried using a controller and i still have the same problem. he does his sprint thing or whatever very rapidly and meat flies everywhere and i cant jump or dont much of anything,
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