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Vitalyalya 2013年7月20日 2時40分
Are there any possibilities to get non-Xbox 360 gamepad working?
I don't see any gamepad optoins in settings. Are there any possibilitires to get it working?
I have usual ACME gamepad. (ACME GA-02)
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Icekimo 2013年8月17日 2時23分 
my directinput controller worked as soon as I just plugged it in. just jam it in and push the buttons.
Timberlane06 2013年8月21日 14時44分 
Use Joy2Key (just google it). Works like a charm with every controller - free configuration included. And its free!
Vitalyalya 2013年8月22日 13時10分 
Thank you people!
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