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Gray 2013年7月14日 19時57分
Not recognizing 360 controller HELP
I am trying to play using my 360 controller ( yes i have the wireless dongle) and my controller works fine for other games but for some reason Super Meat Boy is not working, its like it isnt even plugged in.
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TuffMedicine 2013年7月16日 8時12分 
I have the exact same problem...
Yoshipartout 2013年7月17日 5時22分 
I have the same problem too ..
Help us, please D:
john 2013年7月20日 3時21分 
Mine is working...sorta. The button mappings are really messed up. A button isn't A its B and B is X an so on.
illegal_op 2013年7月20日 4時21分 
Same here. Without a controller it sucks
john 2013年7月20日 4時50分 
After a little searching I found editing buttonmap.cfg in \Steam\SteamApps\common\Super Meat Boy\ helped with the gameplay controls. It didn't change the button assignments for the game menus but made the game easier to play.

Yoshipartout 2013年7月20日 5時33分 
My gamepad was not recognized because there was an other gamepad on my PC x)
(Sorry for my English ^^')
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