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Manatee Man (college) 2013年7月13日 19時24分
Does a gamepad seriously handle better?
In my experience using a controller for a platformer is a huge joke. this all some sort of inside joke? I don't have one so I can't see how it feels for myself.
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XxZesAxX 2013年7月13日 19時33分 
I play with keyboard
Jigga 2013年7月13日 21時15分 
i prefer it over keyboard for meat boy!
Kuhaa 2013年7月13日 23時40分 
It's a matter of personal taste. I suck with a controller, but I think it's fair to say I'm somewhat good at this game when I'm playing with a keyboard. The game was originally developed for Xbox 360, so you could say it was designed to be played with a controller. But in the end it all comes down to your personal preferences.
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DemonicBrit 2013年7月14日 1時06分 
Keyboard is better in my opinion, I just wish you could alter the configuration from Left Arrow, Right Arrow and Space to W, A and D. If you can do that, I haven't found it.
Nudelsuppe 2013年7月14日 1時24分 
well, it depends on the player. i grew up with keyboard-controls, so i'm using the keyboard for SMB
Jack Shuman 2013年7月14日 1時25分 
For example, for me, was much more comfortable gamepad than the keyboard in this game. Among other things, the passage of time to get a lot faster. I recommend playing on the gamepad. I use XBOX wireless controller with reciver for PC.
TheDoctor 2013年7月14日 2時20分 
I imagine that for the majority of people it must be easier to use a pad, but if you're used to playing with A KB then there's no reason why it wouldn't be equally as good for something like this.
3agleOn3 2013年7月14日 3時38分 
Take a Pad from a friend and try it.
TheEvilDentis† 2013年7月14日 4時04分 
Alexg7g7 2013年7月14日 7時29分 
It's the same thing for Super Meat Boy so it depends on what you are more comfortable with.
DopeDruid 2013年7月14日 7時36分 
I play enough gamse with the keyboard. My xbox controler on this game just feels right.
CTxcJames 2013年7月14日 10時38分 
I like using both keyboard and controller for different games and would definitely recommend controller for SMB
Astasloth 2013年7月14日 10時54分 
It try both, and I really prefer the gamepad. But maybe is it because I'm also a console gamer xD
jabhwakins 2013年7月14日 12時57分 
I'm horrible at SMB with kb&m. I definitely have to have a controller.
Tomkoon 2013年7月14日 13時17分 
I use keyboard and it's fine.
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