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StubbsPL 2013年7月3日下午12:49
REALLY weird problem
So i was playing this game on my xbox controller and friend asks me why i'm sending him weird messages, i say that i can't becouse i'm not even using the keyboard but than i look and his chat box is spammed with ))))))))))))]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]++++++)))))))++++++++++))))))))++++++++++++++++))))++++++++++)))))++++++++))))))+]]+++++++))))))++++++++++++)))))+]]+++++++)))))))+4+++++++))))))))+++++)))))8++++

sent from me. I closed the chat and kept playing but than even more messages were sent, wtf is going on?
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Leonard 2013年7月3日下午12:53 
did yo tried it without the controller?maybe unplug it and plug it back in.
StubbsPL 2013年7月3日下午12:54 
i turnd it off and on again, didn't work , just started sending it to group chat insted
Leonard 2013年7月3日下午1:00 
are you using big picture mode?
StubbsPL 2013年7月3日下午1:01 
that's weird, i can't in smb, i can only get the Shift-tab one, when i try the controller button nothing happens
Leonard 2013年7月3日下午1:10 
maybe close every steam related window in the background
brathorst 2013年7月3日下午5:46 
Are you running something like joy2key or xPadder in the background?
Medetix 2013年7月3日下午9:50 
having the same problem
StubbsPL 2013年7月3日下午11:17 
i'm not running anything in the background and closing steam windows seems to work for some time but than it reapets anyway
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