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Chupa^ 2013年6月27日上午8:35
Is the soundtrack worth buying?
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Ghosthost40 2013年6月28日上午5:25 
Absolutly. If you like the music in the game, it can be purchased here for $5.99. It is absolutly worth the money.
Kuhaa 2013年6月28日上午5:54 
Yes! Thousand times yes! I mean, if you've played the game you should know it's definitely worth it's price. As a matter of fact I was just listening it on my way to work today. And yesterday, and the day before and...
SPEKTR 2013年6月28日下午2:21 
Def stands out above other indie game soundtracks
Kimo Drazzler 2013年6月29日上午4:59 
There's an OST made my Brent Kennedy with piano versions, it's really amazing
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