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ERAsed 2013年6月27日上午5:54
Steam Cloud
I suppose it's too naive to even ask it but is there any chance the game will get it's Steam Cloud now that it has both Achievements and Trading Cards? Would be really great if I didn't have to replay it for the 4th time :))
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bryngylf 2013年6月27日下午3:08 
is this why it says "unable to sync your files for super meat boy with the steam cloud" when I tried to start the game on another computer (I didn't start it since I didn't want to risk losing progress)? I thought it was something wrong with my syncing/settings.. can I manually copy savegames to another computer?
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[Linux] UZzK5RDF 2013年10月12日上午8:50 
I too want this implemented. Played half the game on my laptop, came to my desktop, and, at the start again. I can't copy the save files since they're, kind of, well, lost...
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