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Hey SuperMeatBoy Devs Keybord is better than Gamepad!
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both is good,but the game was originally for xbox and the controler
Stop taking pills gamepad is much better.
Pills here!
For this game, and almost every platform game, gamepad is better.
yeah but devs will shoot ppl who say other.... and there are ppl who can play better on Keyboards ppl who played Pc games 20 years ago...
diego 2013年6月18日 14時40分 
Im so used to using the keyboard, the last time i used the 360 controller for it i couldn't beat lil' slugger D:
Gruu 2013年6月18日 22時34分 
I haven't owned any console since SNES.. but once I tried SMB with controller I have never went back, feels and controls so much better imo. Same with other 2d platformers.
Lu420 2013年6月19日 14時22分 
Gamepad for me but i can understand
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1-9 / 9 のコメントを表示
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Super Meat Boy > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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