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Pande 2013年6月11日下午2:50
(OSx) Used to run fine, now it crashes on launch
I've been playing Super Meat Boy successfully on my iMac for a week, now. OSx 10.6.8. I installed it at home on my PC as well, but this is related to the iMac. I've had no issues until today, suddenly, whenever I try to launch the game, my laptop slows down, a blank white window appears, the cursor turns into the whirling rainbow circle, and after a few minutes, I get a message saying the game shut down unexpectedly.

I've tried verifying the game's cache, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried using the launch options to force the game to open in fullscreen, as it was windowed before. No dice.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Jahz 2013年6月19日下午12:01 
Same here, simply can't play the game anymore. An update would be nice :/
Kowai Neko San 2013年6月19日下午12:50 
Same problem here... Except on OS X 10.7.5
Strangely, FTL seems to be behaving the same way, and both have gotten Steam trading cards recently...
Dr. Atomic 2013年6月19日下午2:05 
Also crashing for me, I think it needs X11 to run.
Fab鬼Killy 2013年6月19日下午4:01 
Me too: before Trading Update I never had a problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing changed, still crashes every time I try to enter a World
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Santi05 2013年6月19日下午11:15 
I am also having the same issue here, and I just purchased it too. Saddens me, but I hope it will get fixed soon.

Sounds to me it may be due the new trading card system, but I just can't see how.
AzzzzzzzuredRed(in AFK) 2013年6月19日下午11:58 
About4Goats 2013年6月20日上午2:13 
[#gamergate] Facel 2013年6月20日上午7:51 
Same here
SINWillett 2013年6月20日上午9:30 
I've got the same but admittedly they say that 10.8+ (which I'm using 10.9 DP) is incompatible. for the record I've gotten it to work simply by uninstalling X11 and reinstalling it:
joelthetroll 2013年6月20日上午10:58 
It's really bad now. If it doesn't crash upon launching, it crashes after loading a world or playing for 20 minutes. It's frusterating.
LiquideFeline 2013年6月20日下午2:39 
10.8.4 crashes all the freakin' time. Most of the time I can't even make it into a single level.
Dr. Atomic 2013年6月20日下午2:40 
Same tired reinstalling X11 and its still crashing
LiquideFeline 2013年6月20日下午2:43 
omg, just saw on the store page. not compatible with 10.8. le suck
Ruben Vargas 2013年6月20日下午2:43 
And i was about to buy it... i have 10.8
moo 2013年6月20日下午3:21 
crashing on launch here too, 10.8.4
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