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sup_bro 2013. febr. 23. @ de. 11:30
Level 6-3X Speedrun - Ridiculous... but Possible?
Ok, my first time posting on a forum, and this is one for the more advanced speed runners...

Recently I've been trying to complete levels in under half of the par time, and this has proved to be insanely difficult and therefore satisfying :p I'm not sure about Level 6-3X, From Beyond, though... I've managed 35.48 seconds and it seems impossible to scratch off that last half a second: does anyone know what the world record is for this level? Has anyone reading managed this level in under 35 seconds??

Maybe if anyone would care to try this as a challenge; I'm lost and I'd love to do it :)

Thank you so much for reading, hope someone else feels my pain :p
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sup_bro 2013. febr. 24. @ de. 4:17 
Wow o.O I know im trying a different route today then... :p thanks
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