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Gentle Mane 2013年2月21日 23時11分
Full PS3 controller support please!!!
Who's with me?
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NukeHP 2013年2月22日 0時42分 
Google MotioninJoy and you can make it happen with a little work on your end. That's how I played the game for a long time before I got a wired 360 controller.
Vekter 2013年2月22日 5時15分 
Yeah do what NukeHP said. It's a free app you can download to make your PS3 controller work just like an Xbox360 or even your own custom mappings.
SLickz 2013年2月22日 17時21分 
Tried with motioninjoy and meatboy crashes :( Plus I can't get bluetooth pairing to work with it. I'm sticking with my wired 360 controller.
Gentle Mane 2013年2月27日 13時10分 
I have controller mate, but a lot of the time the virtual mouse doesnt work properly. thats how i played portal 2. would it be that difficult to just make a patch that supports ps3 controllers too?
J-Robotson 2013年3月14日 10時29分 
They don't work on the game anymore so don't expect any updates unless there are any game-breaking glitches.
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