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BrLs iTouchTheSky 2013年2月17日 13時25分
Not working on Mountain Lion
Yep, so it's not working on my MBP 2012 with Mountain Lion it always crash. Is there way to fix this s*** or how do I get refund ?
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Kuhaa 2013年2月17日 16時37分 
And this came to you as a surprise? Last time I checked (which is, right before I started writing this post) it said "not currently compatible with 10.8 or later" on the game's store page. It's your own fault for not looking into it before purchasing.
BrLs iTouchTheSky 2013年2月17日 16時44分 
Just so you know, it wasn't written when I bought it ;) But, I contacted SMB support and they told me I could either ask them for a Xbox 360 copy or trying to get refund from Steam
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