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noben97 15 feb 2013 om 10:52vm
Lagging animations
Hey there! :)
Whenever I start Super Meat Boy the animations are lagging. It's sometimes only slightly and sometimes really annoing! The game itself is running perfectly, but animations like Meat Boy splashing, when he dies are lagging. My laptop can't be the reason for the problem, I can play WAY complexer games on it. Is there some problem with the resolution of the game? My screen's resolution is 1600x900...
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serein.rime 18 feb 2013 om 9:57nm 
It seems we maybe have the same problem here : ) My resolution is 1680*1050, and GPU is GTX 660m.
noben97 19 feb 2013 om 7:56vm 
I have the problem less often, when I play in 1280x720! But it's not fixed yet! :/
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