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Allen Walker 2013年2月6日下午6:32
Sound not working
Hey guys I don't know if this is where I post this, but when I start up super meat boy I hear the music until I get to the title screen then it all stops. When I play the game I hear no music and no sound effects. If anyone can help i'd appreciate it thank you.
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Kuhaa 2013年2月6日下午10:44 
This happened to me once. I don't know what caused it but when I went to sound settings in-game I found out the music volume had set itself to 0 on it's own. It happened for couple of days but then it sort of fixed itself. If it's the same problem you will have to set the volume levels every time you launch the game unless you're as lucky as I was.
Alpha Male 2013年2月7日上午3:19 
my game strted with the music and volume at 0
Allen Walker 2013年2月7日下午1:06 
That was the problem! Thanks guys :D appreciate it :)
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