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Hank Peggy Bobby Luanne 2013年2月4日上午1:07
Super Meat Boy Soundtrack...
Is Windows only? How is that even possible? If I buy it can I still download it to my mac? Steam does not allow the download of games not suited for the operating system the computer is currently running; as in I can not download windows only games I own through steam. Will this also be the case with the SMB Soundtrack?
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Kuhaa 2013年2月4日上午1:43 
Don't worry, you can download it to your Mac. And if, for some odd reason, should it not work, it's so cheap you won't lose anything. Worse case you'll still support the guy who made the music. But really there shouldn't be a problem, I'm on a Mac and I have the soundtrack as well.
Hank Peggy Bobby Luanne 2013年2月4日上午1:48 
Thanks. I bought it, though I wonder if $1.50 still counts as "supporting the guy." ;_;
Hank Peggy Bobby Luanne 2013年2月4日上午2:10 
Ok, so... is there some weird way I'm supposed to access it...? It didn't magically go to my itunes, there is no new folder in steam application support, and nothing was added to steam or the game... :/

Something definitely downloaded, but I'll be darned if I know what it was. When the download was complete the only description of the item was "super meat boy." During the download Super Meat Boy had 1%, 2%, et al counting up next to it in my library.

Confused. :/
Hank Peggy Bobby Luanne 2013年2月4日上午2:28 
Disregard my last post. Went to the properties menu for SMB and selected "local files -> browse local files" and the soundtrack folder was right next to the application. :P

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