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dustbunny 2013年1月20日 16時38分
we love you tommy but you gotta fix the mac port :(
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PixelVortex 2013年3月14日 10時38分 
Don't quote me but I think hea said at one point that he is going to fix it, but he did do a pretty good for a three day job.
Kuhaa 2013年3月15日 0時27分 
In the interview below, around 0:20:37, he explains why he can't touch the Mac version even if he wanted. As a Mac user I would like to see all the rough edges smoothed out but I can't really blame him after all the hard work he put into all the versions of the game. And the Mac version is still playable despite all the little glitches, it just takes some unnecessary effort from time to times to be able to beat some levels.
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