RQslaitaar 5. Jan. 2013 um 15:08 Uhr
Review for people considering SMB!
Hey guys, new review, getting back into making videos again. Hope you find it as entertaining as informative. Enjoy!

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ixsetf 6. Jan. 2013 um 5:55 Uhr 
If you haven't tried world two, you have no idea how hard this game is, world one is incredibly easy compared to the rest of the game.
RQslaitaar 6. Jan. 2013 um 6:10 Uhr 
Oh I have and I totally agree ;) But no help to tohers if I just continuously die with no new screens lol :D
Zhuinden 6. Jan. 2013 um 19:51 Uhr 
You should check out the Dark World for reference too.
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