Zhuinden 3. tammi, 2013 9.02
To those who enjoyed this game, you should check out Fly'N.
Fly'N is a game similar to SMB, although not necessarily as fast-paced on the non-time attack levels. Great soundtrack, somewhat easier but still challenging, and if you ask me, it's fun!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOtBo9F-FKM here's a gameplay video I put up at some point.

Please note, I am not affliated to Ankama in any way, I'm just trying to bring some more attention to an awesome game of a similar genre :D
The amount of content might be slightly less, though. It still has 13 bonus levels, 45 normal levels and thus quite a few hours of gameplay. Just not as many substantial unlockables as SMB with its 90 bandages for Captain Viridian and so.
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Kuhaa 3. tammi, 2013 9.29 
I've been waiting for an OSX release. This game looks amazing.
Zhuinden 6. tammi, 2013 19.58 
It is, indeed. :D
Zhuinden 3. helmi, 2013 11.48 
*bump* for the sale
Maybe at some point Fly'N will also be on sale. I'm waiting for that time to come.
Turtle Warlock 3. helmi, 2013 21.05 
Also check out dustforce for those who want an even more similar experience
Zhuinden 23. maalis, 2013 4.06 
Bump, and buy the soundtrack too! It's finally out! :D
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