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Not A Suspicious Llama 2012年12月23日上午11:04
Audio but no video?
I changed the resolution of the game a few times and on one of them, it crashed the game. When I tried to restart the game, it started up as a black screen but there's audio. This happens every time I start the game. I've tried reinstalling the game multiple times but no luck. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Not A Suspicious Llama 2012年12月23日上午11:09 
Oh, and I've also tried deleting the userdata folder. Is there a way to change the resolution it starts up in outside of the game?
namecomingsoon 2012年12月23日下午4:46 
You have a VERY VERY bad video or grapichs card or driver
duke4life07 2013年1月6日上午10:22 
I'm having that problem too and I play other games just fine
duke4life07 2013年1月6日上午10:24 
I went to and it says I'm well over the recommended settings. I have a GeForce GT 520
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