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Super Meat Boy

Dogehkiin 20. Dez. 2012 um 12:39 Uhr
Runtime error
Hey, I'm having problems launching Supermeatboy, I'm new to steam so if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it
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Kuhaa 21. Dez. 2012 um 1:23 Uhr 
Have you tried verifying game cache and changing launch options yet?

You can verify game cache by right clicking SMB on your Steam library and selecting Properties. There go to Local Files and select "Verify Game Cache". Try to launch Super Meat Boy. Does it still crash?

If it does, go to Properties again, and click on "Launch Options". You can lower graphic detail by typing in "-lowdetail" and set the game to launch windowed by typing "-windowed", both without the quotation marks. You can also try changing the resolution. Supported resolution are 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720 and 1920x1080, and you can force a new resolution by adding, for example, "-1024x7682" to the command line.

Also, I don't think it's uncommon for people to get error the first time they launch Super Meat Boy, after which the game runs just fine but I can't confirm this because I play it on Mac. It's just something I heard. If you've tried launching the game only once, chances are it'll launch properly the next time you try. Anyway I hope what I described above will help you if the problem persists.
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NerÆus96 21. Dez. 2012 um 7:28 Uhr 
i had the same problem and i've followed your tips. Now it works. thanks.
Dogehkiin 21. Dez. 2012 um 9:50 Uhr 
Thanks for the help however, I'm still having the same issues arise even with trying your advice. Anyway, thanks for helping(:
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