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yeano 2012年12月18日 18時42分
Can Anyone Help?
Hey, Guys I am new to Super Meat Boy and was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers, like game basics, good stragities.. etc.


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Hey guys Kripparian here 2012年12月18日 20時52分 
practice. alot of it is learning patterns of the stage.
Kuhaa 2012年12月19日 0時52分 
Learn from your mistakes or else the game might become frustrating. You will have to work to achieve anything but when you do it'll be the most satisfying thing ever. Trust me. I hope you'll enjoy playing Super Meat Boy and I wish you good luck!
L1NU5 2013年7月7日 20時05分 
You can take a look at the guides for the game here: or at GameFAQs
aaron_lewis90 2013年7月16日 7時09分 
Use a controller easier to ccontol i think
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