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I'm the cook 2012年12月14日上午6:12
Still no OSX 360 Support
Seriously? Come on Edmund.
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Tuuka 2012年12月14日上午7:04 
I posted some information regarding configuring the xbox 360 controller for Mac on another thread, maybe it will help.

' I did some research and found a forum post with some advice regarding configuring an xbox 360 controller with mac: '

I'm the cook 2012年12月14日下午3:51 
Okay, The 360 controller works on osx. There's a driver for it.
Super Meat Boy itself DOESNT , because he coded it with only 12 buttons, as opposed to 14.
Kuhaa 2012年12月14日下午5:18 
I don't think there will ever be 360 controller support for OSX. Edmund and Tommy are at the moment developing completely new game called Mew-Genics, and SMB for OSX is also in the works for what I've understood, and I believe they won't touch the original anymore. At least I haven't seen a word about such things on their website. Pretty lame since us Mac users still need to see the "controller vs keyboard" messages when launching the game.
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I'm the cook 2012年12月14日下午5:26 
Using something like Enjoy you can get around it, but it's just sad that they would be aware of an issue like that and never do anything about it.
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