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Suicidal Maniac 2012年11月27日下午11:55
How do you change controls keys input ?
It's really feeling wierd playing with the arrows to go left right, i'd rather have this like an FPS with A and D but I haven't found the way to configure controls keys, how do I do it ????
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Suicidal Maniac 2012年11月28日上午9:03 
Ok i searched around on the net and found about the file you need to edit in steamapp but now i want to put 0 from the num pad for sprint but it doesn't seem to register, which is weird because I reassigned left and right to A and D succesfully :s
conijn6 2012年11月28日下午2:38 
hi if you have a gamepad you can use this tool to edit the buttons
dunno about the keyboard settings tho
PandaMan 2012年11月29日上午8:02 
I recomend downloading the MotionJoy software if you want to use for example a playstation 3 controller. It's just to install MotionJoy, insert the controller of your choise, load the drivers and your ready to go. Just remember to set the mode to xbox 360 controller nomater if you use a ps3 controller because Super Meat Boy only supports 360 controllers. It's what i do and it works perfectly :D
Suicidal Maniac 2012年11月29日下午6:13 
Wait, a ps3 controller will work even if SMB support only 360 controllers ?
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