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SilentLegend 3 mai 2013 à 10h10
Steam Cloud
I know it's an old complaint, but with all the older games getting steam cloud suddenly, why not SMB? There's hours worth of unlockables. Doesn't it just make sense?
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Festive | Jimmy T. Malice 4 mai 2013 à 14h08 
It has Steam Cloud support now. I haven't seen it in the game before today, but I was prompted to download my saves from my other computer from the Steam Cloud earlier.
madsen 6 mai 2013 à 19h12 
It's had Steam Cloud for quite a while actually. When I started speed running the game I had to turn it off, because every run should start from a fresh save file and Steam Cloud kept restoring my old one.
Bruce Dickinson 13 mai 2013 à 14h08 
Yeah, although I lost my progress back when Steam Cloud wasn't supported, I noticed that the game did synchronize with Cloud upon closing. The Store Page doesn't mension it however. Could be fixed.
Sockamp 19 mai 2013 à 6h48 
I don't use Steam Cloud ;/
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