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heisenbergman 2013 04 月 24 @ 7:48下午
Why is Forest 1-3 ("The Gap") 9 seconds to get A+?
That seems like a huge amount of time for simply sprint-jumping across a wide gap.

I thought that there was something to get above where the two slicers are, but it doesn't look like there are any bandages or anything else to do.
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Warbeast 2013 04 月 25 @ 5:28上午 
Being one of the first levels it is teaching you the mechanics of the game, so having enough time in a tutorial level would be important. I would say that it being the first world it is simply just an easy time to achieve the A+ rating.
datcrazycat 2013 05 月 25 @ 12:43下午 
I know I sound like an idiot, but on this level, I didn't know there was a run button, so I had to try all of the keys until I finally found out that it was shift.
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