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L_Autruche 2013年4月13日 9時57分
Not very reactive..
I run SMB on mac and it's not smooth at all.
It's not some freezes, it's just some slow downs, it's really boring and it's harder to get all the A+.
Do you have an idea? (except throwing my mac away and getting un pc)
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DeViLMaN666_Qc 2013年4月13日 14時10分 
well even Tommy Refenes in a interview said the mac version suck and he really not recommanded it ...
L_Autruche 2013年4月14日 0時30分 
Oh, ok then. He's right and i'll play on an illegal version that is better optimised.
Thanks for your answer.
Beef Taco 2013年4月30日 2時05分 
OK first try verifying the integrety of cache if that does not work i suggest checking here

Hope this helps you out!
L_Autruche 2013年5月1日 4時29分 
Thanks, I'll try to change some settings. I'll tell you if it resolves the problem.
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